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Processes Of Fixing Concrete Driveways

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One process is worth a try. It is known as concrete jacking. Also known as slab-jacking, or mud-jacking, this process is helping concrete driveway repair oromocto canada work to become environmentally friendly. The concrete jacking process has the ability to lift a sunken concrete slab simply by pumping organic grout. This is done by applying hydraulic pressure through holes drilled into the concrete slab.

This is not a new and innovative process. It has in fact been in use for well over one hundred and fifty years already. But today of course, mechanical tools are being used. The process begins when small diameter access holes are drilled into the concrete. This is being done to create a strategic location that will help maximize the concrete lift. Material injections will fill up the under-slab void space.

When this space is filled, further injections will begin to lift the concrete straightaway. After all concrete slabs have been lifted, access holes will be patched up and the process will have been deemed to have been completed. Concrete jacking is a lot quicker than traditional methods, and apart from it being environmentally friendly, it has minimum impact on surrounding areas and landscaped spaces.

Apart from repairing concrete driveways, this repair process also takes care of uneven sidewalks, tipped front steps, airport runways, patios, bridge ramps and pool decks. But the technology being applied here does have its limitations. Poor quality concrete could crack when being lifted. This is usually the case for slabs that are less than four inches thick. Cracks develop during the lifting process.

And slabs built over filled-in land or poor subsoils are vulnerable to further settlement. After the slab-jacking work is completed, it is not a good idea to place heavy objects onto the slabs that were raised.