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Painting Deals Overcoming Seven-Year Itch

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It may only appear to be an itch but when a man goes through this, it could be quite painful. He has survived the marriage thus far, he is not necessarily having second thoughts, but his mind now starts to wonder. His head tosses this way and that and while he is pacing himself through this seven-year itch, who knows how long it will last, he is filled with a few temptations and one or two curveballs might even be thrown in his direction.

The challenges are greater than expected in the twenty-first century. Perhaps the good man has been rooted for too long in old traditions and it is still difficult to break away from these. Speaking of tradition, it is usual – or at least it was, until recent years – to be giving the house a good coat of fresh paint at least every seven years or so. Because by this time it was assumed that the paint had started to wear thin and the old house had accumulated more than enough of its dust and cracks.

So, up went the scaffolds, and up went the painters. Some years ago, an interesting thought enveloped those running the painting company portland or business. Why not develop a paint that lasts? And why not develop a paint that lasts and lasts and lasts, and lasts. Almost indefinitely. Why not eliminate the so-called seven-year itch altogether? Instead of inconveniencing clients every few years, why not give them a paint job that is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

And so it has happened. You would have thought that this would be bad for business? Word gets around so very quickly these days, and so many more property owners are encouraged to take up these painting jobs.